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    Welcome to Little Rookie Sport, the first dedicated sports retailer for kids!

    Little Rookie Sport is a business inspired by what sport brings to youth and the simplicity of creating environments for youth to not only succeed in sports, but become future leaders and role models. We sell a fantastic range of kids' sports equipment and apparel from brands including Adidas, Spalding and Gray Nicolls to make it easier for parents to get everything that their child needs for their next sports season in one spot.

    Little Rookie Sport aims to connect the power of sport and an active lifestyle to youth and parents, sparking positive conversations and providing opportunities for all youth in sports.

    Who Is Little Rookie Sport Really?

    We are a family of 5, all about sports. Running the kids to training on week days and weekend games is our normal routine, from swimming, cricket, rugby to netball and basketball. Our passion is sports and the enjoyment of watching our kids play and have fun with their teammates. 

    Little Rookie Sport is a unique concept kids sports store that we designed with parents and kids in mind and the only fully dedicated kids sports store locally. We have plenty of colourful items on offer from junior cricket gear, junior football boots including velcro footy boots, mouthguards, headguards, Funkita swimwear, Vorgee, girls and boys apparel, hoverboards and kids adjustable roller skates.

    We look forward to welcoming you to our children's sports store.