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    Rugby Tackle Bags

    Madison rugby tackle bags and rings are made here in Australia and are available in three different sizes - Junior (ages 5-8), Club (ages 9-12) and Super Club (ages 13-16). Great for coaches and players for contact training before progressing to live drills.

    What are rugby tackle bags for?

    Tackle bags are commonly used during training and warm-up. They help players to perfect their tackling skills safely by allowing them to practice tackling from various angles during training. Players can practice alone or with another person loosely holding the bag.

    Correct the player's head placement, pursuit angles and the final wrap, while building strength and agility.

    What are tackle rings for?

    Tackle rings help to develop player's footwork, judgement and timing and are especially popular with junior players. They are rolled along the ground by another participant at different speeds and angles, allowing the player to practice lower tackles.

    How can I get better at tackling?

    Tackle bags and rings are perfect for improving your tackling. Here are some tips for correct technique:

    • Keep your head up
    • Keep your eyes open and look at your target
    • Keep your back straight
    • Keep your elbows in
    • Put your hands in a catching position and move forward
    • Move your feet quickly and put your leading foot close to the person with the ball
    • Aim low
    • Make firm contact with your shoulder and with your head to the side
    • Punch the arms through
    • Drive with the legs and complete the tackle
    • Get up and challenge for the ball