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    Soccer Gear For Kids ⚽️

    Reusch D-Fend Lite Shin Guards
    $12.76 $15.95
    Advance Training Bag - Little Rookie Sport
    Steeden Performance Socks - Little Rookie Sport (1914686177326)
    $8.00 $10.00
    Size 5 Soccer Ball - Summit Launch - Yellow and White
    $18.36 $22.95
    Wilson WSP2000 Shinguard- Youth
    $11.99 $14.99

    Kids soccer shoes and equipment including soccer balls, shin guards, goals and gloves. Brands we stock are Adidas, XBlades, Reusch, Regent, Summit and Concave.

    How to kick a soccer ball

    • Lock your ankle to better control how the ball moves and prevent outside in spin.
    • Always pass using the inside of the foot, as this is more accurate than using your toe. 
    • Place the foot that you are not kicking with so that the inside of your shoe faces the ball and your toe points to where you want the ball to land.
    • Follow through keeping your kicking foot close to the ground for short passes. Extend your foot fully for a longer in-the-air pass.