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    Skateboards šŸ›¹

    Enuff Skully Skateboard 7.75"- Green
    $111.99 $159.00


    Buy skateboard completes & skateboard accessoriesĀ fromĀ Ark, Birdhouse, Enuff, Gold Coast Longboards, Penny Skateboards, Trinity and Z Flex. Ships Australia-wide from Little Rookie Sport.

    Best skateboard for beginners

    Ark Skateboards haveĀ the perfect skateboarding set up for beginners.Ā The durable bearings can stand up to the wear and tear of learning to skate, while extra soft bushings allow easy turning for smaller riders.

    Birdhouse are also great for beginners. Founded by the world's most famousĀ skater, Tony Hawk, Birdhouse complete skateboards are ideal for skaters just starting out or regular street skaters who want a setup for kickflips and ollies.

    Trick skateboards

    For doing flips and tricks, you'll want a double kick board. Our complete skateboards from Ark, Z Flex, Enuff and Birdhouse are ideal for skaters who want to hit up the skate park. Complete skateboards are fully assembled and ready to ride!

    Cruiser vs longboard

    Cruisers and longboards are both used for transport and cruising. However, they are not ideal for doing tricks and flips at the skate park.

    What's the difference? Cruisers are smaller and lighter than longboards, making them more responsive and nimble. Longboards are better for long distances and are more stable at high speeds, making them suitable for bigger hills.

    Retro cruiser skateboardsĀ 

    Penny Skateboards are inspired by 1970's surf culture. They are high performance, long lasting and ultra-fun plastic skateboards. Their wheels are speedy and soft, for a smooth ride on any surface and they feature high quality 4" aluminium trucks for enhanced control and balance.

    Z Flex's P.O.P. collection features colours inspired byĀ the hot-rod and graffiti culture of the Dogtown Era in the 1970's. Their cruisers have a classic shape and are usable for all skating levels. The Z-Smooth wheels make commuting super smooth on almost all concrete surfaces.

    Best longboards

    Looking for a longboard?Ā  Longboards come in different shapes, construction, and have different features - they're designed for various riding styles and abilities.

    Gold Coast Longboards are made from 100% Canadian maple and with the highest-quality components for the perfect ride.

    Skateboard Sizing Guide

    Find your child's size using the skateboard size guide below.

    However, 7.3" boards are usually fine for ages 5-8. If your child can stand with their feet touching the bolts at the front and back of the skateboard, the size will be suitable.

    Z-Flex Skateboards


    Penny Skateboards

    Skateboards For Kids

    You may be wondering what age your child should start skateboarding, how to get them started and how to pick out a skateboard. Read our kids' skateboardĀ blog to find out.