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    Rollerblades from Impala and adjustable Crazy Skates. Impala are ready to skate, with no wearing in required. Crazy Skates are adjustable up to 4 sizes, perfect for growing feet.

    How to rollerblade

    1. Remember safety first! A helmet, knee, wrist and elbow pads will help prevent bruises, scrapes and fractures. 
    2. Put the skates on and tighten the straps so they are snug but not too tight.
    3. Stand up carefully one foot at a time and put your feet a shoulder-width apart. Starting on carpet or grass is safer than a hard surface.
    4. Practice walking in the skates and gradually change steps into smooth strokes, pushing forward and out, with your knees slightly bent.
    5. Transfer your weight to your other leg and push forward and out. Keep doing this to gather momentum.
    6. Lean with your body to steer and use your arms and upper body to keep your balance.
    7. Keep practicing and have fun!

    How to stop on rollerblades

    To slow down or stop on rollerblades, lean back on the skate with the brake and bend your knee slightly. Bring the other leg out in front of you, keeping it straight.

    Do rollerblades have brakes on both skates?

    Inline roller skates often have a rubber brake attached to the back of one skate but sometimes both. Impala rollerblades do not come with a brake attached on either skate but include a brake in the box that can be installed yourself.

    Where to buy rollerblades?

    You can find the perfect pair of rollerblades at Little Rookie Sport, who sell rollerblades from Impala and PlayLife. Visit our store at Shop 3, 567 Old Cleveland Rd, Camp Hill QLD to try them on or buy online 24/7.