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    Roller Skates

    Impala Quad Rollerskates- Aqua - Little Rookie Sport
    $103.99 $159.99
    Impala Quad Rollerskates- Pink - Little Rookie Sport
    $103.99 $159.99

    Roller Skates

    Roller skates in a wide range of colours from brands including Crazy Skates and Impala.

    Roller Skates for Kids

    Crazy Skates adjustable skates are excellent roller skates for kids as they grow with your child, adjusting up to 4 sizes.

    Protective Gear

    It's important to wear protective gear when skating to prevent injury. Knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards help to prevent scrapes and fractures. Skate helmets are lower at the back than bike helmets to protect the head if you fall backwards. See our range of skate protection.

    How to Roller Skate

    • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your knees bent (this stance helps to stop you falling over).
    • Point your toes outwards and start to slowly roll forward, taking turns with each foot.
    • Once you are comfortable with this, move a bit faster and take longer strides.
    • To practice turning, lean slightly in the direction you want to turn.
    • Use your arms to help you balance.

    How to Stop on Roller Skates

    • With your skates parallel to each other, squat and lean slightly forward. 
    • Put the right skate slightly in front of the left one and press down hard on the toe stop.