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    Netball Shoes

    What is special about netball shoes?

    XBlades netball shoes are specially designed for netballers. They feature patented technology to help prevent injuries. For instance, their Brake 961 technology protects the player from the huge breaking load on the leg caused very rapid deceleration from the one step rule.

    The force from this deceleration is translated up the leg to the knee, which is one reason why netball has such a high number of knee injuries. Brake 961 technology has a system within the shoe that can move backwards and forwards, which reduces the high braking load and deceleration.

    The decoupled outsole has 12 sections on the bottom of the shoe. This system essentially allows the shoe to move independently wherever you hit the ground. In turn, this provides a platform of support for the foot, independent of how you land, providing a more comfortable shoe and better performance.

    Can you wear basketball shoes for netball? 

    Many people ask whether basketball shoes or running shoes can be used instead of netball shoes. Netball requires sudden direction changes, jumping, balance and deceleration. Having the correct type of shoe will increase shoe longevity, prevent injuries and provide the right support for netballers.

    Netball shoes provide better lateral support for agility than non-netball shoes and have been designed to specifically minimise the impact on feet, knees and joints. They can withstand high levels of friction on the court, as sliding and scraping your foot when pivoting can wear the shoe out quickly. They are usually lighter than basketball shoes but still provide good grip and have a higher cut to prevent ankle injuries like rolling and sprains.

    Furthermore, most netball shoes are made from durable, high abrasion rubber material for grip, which don't mark the court. Basketball shoes and running shoes are more likely to leave a mark. 

    How should netball shoes fit?

    Netball shoes should be firm across the shoe's width as this reduces rubbing and blisters.