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    Girls Swimwear

    Girls swimwear from Arena, Funkita and Vorgee. We are specialists in kid's swimwear and stock a variety of styles from toddler swim nappies and rashies to girls recreational swimwear to technical race suits.


    Funkita's girls swimwear is packed with style and creativity! Founded in 2004 and designed by athletes, for athletes, Funkita aims to provide comfy and bright, chlorine resistant swimwear that fits to a tee. Made from a premium Italian polyester fabric called C-Infinity, Funkita swimwear won't fade or lose its shape even after hours in chlorine or in the sun.


    Arena FINA-approved competition racesuits have innovative seam patterns to keep the body lifted and all seams are flatlock for a snug and comfortable fit. They provide a hydrodynamic surface and strategic compression that boost speed and support muscle where it's needed. These make great first tech swimsuits for kids.

    Swim Nappies

    Regular nappies shouldn't be used when swimming as they absorb water and become heavy. Vorgee's reusable swim nappies look like normal swimwear are designed to allow the water to drain away, whilst keeping accidents in. Swim nappies are ideal for toddlers who are not yet potty trained to wear when in the pool. They use high quality, chlorine resistant, poly spandex fabric with snug leg and tummy elastic to contain solids. They do not soak up urine.