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    Head Guards

    Junior and senior head guards from Madison, Steeden and Gilbert. Range includes official Kalyn Ponga head guards.

    Do head guards work?

    Head guards reduce the risk of soft tissue injuries to the head and ears from tackles or at rucks (Jones et al., 2003). This includes cuts, grazes, swelling and cauliflower ear (where the ear develops a blood clot from being hit and becomes swollen and deformed). Wearing head guards also prevents hair from impeding a player's vision. Head guards have not been shown to prevent concussions.

    Kalyn Ponga Headguards

    Officially licenced headguards used by Kalyn Ponga. Made with a lightweight compression moulded foam and including 42 ventilation holes, the Kalyn Ponga Air Flo headguards provide unsurpassed comfort during the heat of action.  They also have a fully adjustable back and velcro chin strap for optimal fit.