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    Kids Football Boots 👟

    Kids football boots for rugby union, rugby league, AFL and soccer. Brands include Adidas, Sfida, Xblades and Concave.

    Best sellers include Adidas Copa Sense .4 Junior Flexible Ground Boots, XBlades Instinct Flash Junior Boots and XBlades Jet Max 2020.

    Should I get firm ground or soft ground boots?

    Firm ground boots are for use on dry, natural grass. They provide great balance and are lightweight.

    Flexible ground boots are suitable for firm ground (typical grass) and hard ground (hard, dry grass or artificial grass).

    Soft ground boots are for use on muddy fields and provide better traction.

    How wide is the fit?

    It can be tough to find a football boot that is the correct width for your child. Some children have narrower feet, while others require a wide fit. We have a range of kids football boots to fit every child.

    For those with a wider foot, we recommend XBlades. They are an Australian brand who make quality kids' football boots that tend to have a wider fit than other brands.

    Concave football boots are lightweight and are more suitable for children with a narrow foot. 

    Adidas is a popular brand that is suitable for a regular width foot.