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    Crazy Skates

    Crazy Skate Wheel Bag
    $11.45 $12.00

    Crazy Skates

    Buy Crazy Skates Australia-wide from Little Rookie Sport. Founded in 2004, company Director John Moore owned and operated a number of roller skating facilities and saw an opportunity to produce and market innovative, high quality products to the industry. With an eye for detail and an intimate understanding of the industry and the needs of the end consumer - the Crazy Skate Company was born.

    The Crazy Skate Company is a young and progressive brand that understands the ideals and importance of doing business in this technological age.

    Retro Roller Skates

    The RETRO Roller is the newest offering from Crazy Skates. It’s got style, It’s got comfort, It’s got versatility, It’s got everything you need to catch everybody's attention as you skate off on a sun-drenched adventure. Everything you love about skating, done simply well. This retro-styled classic boot has been reimagined into every skater's dream skate.


    Glitter Pop Roller Skates

    This awesome skate features glitter-infused boots that adjust to fit growing feet through the use of a patented size adjustment system that gives you 4 sizes in the 1 skate - perfect for growing feet.

    The GLITTER POP has been designed to "stand out from the crowd" - a classic retro design with a bright glitter rolled collar make these skates perfect for developing skaters who want the ability to skate either indoors or out while wearing comfort fitting skates and making a real fashion statement.

    JamPOP Roller Skates

    This awesome skate features stylish black boots, which use a patented size adjustment system giving you 4 sizes in the 1 skate, allowing the JAM POP to grow with you! Drawing from retro stylings, this skate features an authentic feeling faux-shearling tongue and has been developed for skaters who want the versatility to skate either indoors or outdoors, while wearing comfort fitting boots and enjoying a range of seamless size adjustment for both feet. With the combination of these design elements and high-quality components, the JAM POP will have you ready to rock, roll, bounce and dance... Jam POP!

    148 Inline Skates

    The 148 adjustable inline skate is a durable inline that adjusts to fit 4 shoe sizes, allowing it to grow with your child. The flexibility of this design, along with the skate's hardwearing, quality components and comfortable internal lining, make this an incredibly valuable skate that will provide your child with years of fun and enjoyment.