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    Boys Activewear

    Boys Activewear

    Boys sportswear including jerseys, tees, shorts, hoodies and socks. Brands include Adidas, XBlades, Sfida, CR7, Funky Trunks and Steeden.


    XBlades began as an innovative Australian football boot company but has grown to expand into apparel. It provides high-quality, high-performance sportswear from top grade to grassroots level.


    Established in 1985, Sfida was founded to satisfy Australia's sports-mad population. Their technical apparel and footwear has stood the test of time with quality and value being integral to their product development.


    For over a century, Canterbury has dedicated itself to making stylish, crafted products that are built to last. Where tradition meets design – that’s where you’ll find Canterbury.

    Canterbury makes technical training wear that helps individuals prepare the right way. Their products put the focus on comfort and freedom of movement during the training regime. They also boost athletic power and accelerate post-match recovery. But it’s not just the rugby player that reaps the benefit. In the gym or on the road, the performance qualities of Canterbury’s kit will push the fitness enthusiast to new levels.

    Funky Trunks

    Funky Trunks apparel and swimwear range is designed for serious performance without the serious attitude! Their crazy colours and comfy styles don't deter the wearer from performing at their best!


    Ray Steeden established Steeden in 1958. Steeden is now the official ball of rugby league. Run by Advantage Sport, their apparel brand has been developed to be one of the most forward-thinking and innovative sports brands in the market. They offer a wide range of teamwear for various sports.


    Get the iconic Adidas look with their range of boys apparel. Whether it's for training or the weekend, you can't go wrong with Adidas.


    Your son can be the best on field with underwear from the CR7 range, inspired by their soccer hero Ronaldo. CR7 is for active boys who just want comfortable underwear, whether they're tearing up and down a soccer field or chilling after school.