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    Cricket Bowling Machines

    What is a cricket bowling machine?

    Cricket bowling machines are perfect for the budding batsman to practice on their own in the backyard or at the park. They accurately and automatically shoot out a ball every 5-8 seconds, allowing the batsman to repeat shots or improve their technique.

    What is the difference between the cricket bowling machines?

    We stock 3 types of cricket bowling machines, each suitable for a different age group.

    Feed Buddy

    Feed Buddy is ideal for younger kids (under 8) to improve their coordination skills. The ball pops up and is not at pace. The ball delivery distance is adjustable. It is battery powered.

    Pitch It Up

    Pitch It Up is great for ages 8-12 with some batting coordination. It achieves speeds of 36-41kph on the low setting and 38-44kph on high. Spin can be adjusted as well as the ball delivery's distance and height. It can be used with either AC power or batteries.

    Speed Buddy

    Speed Buddy is best for ages 12+. It has 3 speed settings, which achieve speeds of up to 90kph. It has inswing and outswing with adjustable controls and is height adjustable. Speed Buddy is mains powered.