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    Adjustable Kids Skates

    Kids skates that adjust up to four sizes.

    GlitterPOP Crazy Skates

    The GLITTER POP has been designed to "stand out from the crowd" - a classic retro design with a bright glitter rolled collar make these skates perfect for developing skaters who want the ability to skate either indoors or out while wearing comfort fitting skates and making a real fashion statement.

    Crazy Skates Retro Adjustable Roller Skates

    Adjustable up to 4 sizes, the Retro Roller takes a form fitted boot with a rolled collar to be your companion for a Summer of Skating!

    148 Kids Adjustable Rollerblades

    A fantastic 4 sized adjustable inline skate that is top quality at a great price! If you are looking for a skate with substance, then the 148 by the Crazy Skate Company is for you!