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    Our News — Soccer

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    Kids Rugby Boots

    Kids Rugby Boots - Little Rookie Sport
    Whether your child plays rugby for fun or are on the school team, rugby boots will give them protection and confidence. The studs on the outsoles provide grip to produce greater traction and performance, while the soft synthetic upper will add protection and increase stability.

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    Why Kids Need Shin Guards For Soccer / Football

    Why Kids need Shin Guards for Soccer / Football - Little Rookie Sport

    Soccer Shin Guards or Shin Pads

    shin guard or shin pad, is a piece of equipment worn on the front of your shin to protect it from injury in soccer or football.  They are affordable and simple to use.  Finding the right size is important when buying shin guards or shin pads.  You can buy affordable and comfortable shin guards or shin pads online or at our kids sport store at Camp Hill.

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    20 Reasons Why You Should Buy From Little Rookie Sport Instead Of Rebel Sport

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    While other retailers like Rebel Sport have been around for a long time and serve the general public very well, our owners Chris and Jemanda saw a gap in the market for a dedicated kids and youth sports store.  Here are our top 20 reasons why we would love to meet your family and assist in your chosen sports.

    For opening hours please visit our website, which can also purchase online and have your order delivered directly to your home or work, or try our 2 hour click and collect service www.littlerookiesport.com.au

    Feel like playing some hoops, visit our Kid Sports Store at Shop 3, 567 Old Cleveland Rd, Camp Hill QLD 4152.

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