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    Gift Guide For Sporty Kids

    Gift Guide For Sporty Kids - Little Rookie Sport

    Stuck for Christmas gift ideas for the kids?

    We've put together a gift guide for getting the kids active with some of our fave picks for the festive season.

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    Which Sport Is Best For My Child?

    Which Sport Is Best For My Child?
    How do I know what sport is right for my child? Deciding which sport to get your child involved in can be a tough decision. A great way to choose is to let your kids decide for themselves! Let them try a variety of sports and find what they like most. A good idea to help narrow down the list is to try a different sport each season, for example netball or rugby in Winter, cricket or tennis in Summer and basketball in Spring.

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    Benefits of Sport for Kids

    Kids playing soccer - Little Rookie Sport - Benefits of sport for kids
    Only six out of 10 Australian kids aged between five and 14 play sport outside of school. Getting your kids involved in sport will help them to develop important skills that will last a lifetime, not to mention also providing them with incredible health benefits.

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    Top Tips to Teach Your Kids How to Roller Skate

    Top Tips to Teach Your Kids How to Roller Skate - Little Rookie Sport

    Top Tips to Teach Your Kids How to Roller Skate

    If you haven't heard already, roller skating is back and it looks like it's staying! So instead of trying to avoid the trend, we encourage you to get involved. Roller skating provides a lot of fun and exercise for the whole family. As we head into winter here in Australia roller skating may just be the hobby you're looking to get your kids in to. Here we've put together some helpful tips for those of you who are teaching little ones who may be new to skating.

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    Fun winter activities to keep the family active!

    Fun winter activities to keep the family active! - Little Rookie Sport

    A short guide of activities and exercises to do with the kids through winter!

    To help you and your family to stay motivated and active through these cooler months in Brisbane, we've put together a few fun activity ideas for you to do at home and outside with the whole family. These activities ensure they're still receiving physical movement to help remain physically and mentally healthy without it feeling like a chore. A lot of these activities can be enjoyed by you as well as your kids, don't be afraid to get up and moving with them.

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    Relocation Sale - location to be advised.

    Relocation Sale - location to be advised. - Little Rookie Sport
    Little Rookie Sport I Kids Sports Store made the big leap from our humble warehouse in Woolloongabba to a short term pop up, to the bright lights at Westfield Carindale.  In a blink of an eye 12 weeks has passed already. While it has been a rollercoaster of a ride, with Brisbane snap 3 day lockdown, public holidays, Easter and beginning of Term 2 for schools.

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