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    4 Reasons Kids Need Cricket in Summer 2020

    4 Reasons Kids Need Cricket in Summer 2020 - Little Rookie Sport

    Cricket season is upon us, and many kids are looking forward to their own kiddies cricket programs. Cricket is one of the world’s most popular sports, and it’s a great way for children of all ages to get in shape. 

    With computer games like FIFA, Virtual Reality and Fortnite growing in popularity, it’s becoming more difficult to get kids away from the screen and outdoors. We believe that introducing your kids to cricket as a hobby is the perfect way to combat this issue. 

    We have some great reasons why your kids should play cricket in Australia this Summer.

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    Buy AFL Footy Balls and AFL Footballs on AfterPay

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    Buy AFL Footy Balls and AFL Footballs on AfterPay.  Australia Football League or AFL as we call it has over 150 junior AFL clubs across Australia.  Australian kids love playing AFL! With the Brisbane Lions playing less than 2km down the road from our Little Rookie Woolloongabba Shop, we love stocking Sherrin AFL footy balls and footy boots.

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