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    Fun winter activities to keep the family active!

    Fun winter activities to keep the family active! - Little Rookie Sport

    A short guide of activities and exercises to do with the kids through winter!

    To help you and your family to stay motivated and active through these cooler months in Brisbane, we've put together a few fun activity ideas for you to do at home and outside with the whole family. These activities ensure they're still receiving physical movement to help remain physically and mentally healthy without it feeling like a chore. A lot of these activities can be enjoyed by you as well as your kids, don't be afraid to get up and moving with them.

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    Skateboards vs Longboards

    Skateboards vs Longboards - Little Rookie Sport
    If roller skating isn't really something you're interested in but you're still looking for something that will bring the same sort fun and movement, maybe a skateboard or longboard is what you're looking for. Skateboarding has been around since the 1950's and it's no surprise that it's still loved and enjoyed in 2021. But if you're new to the boarding world and aren't sure whether to get you or your kids a skateboard or longboard, use this guide to get to know the differences between the two which could ultimately help you make the final decision.

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