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    Top rugby items your child needs for this Rugby season 2020

    Top rugby items your child needs for this Rugby season 2020

    Everything you need to know about this 2020 rugby season for your little athlete, what they wear and protection gear.  Plus introducing our new and exciting kids rugby sports shop, in Brisbane, where you can buy rugby training equipment, apparel. Kids tackle bags and rugby boots all year round.  Your one-stop-shop this rugby union season in Australia and New Zealand.

    Rugby Boots

    Rugby Boots, are a must for all rugby players. Because rugby is a fast game it involves running, jumping and kicking in different directions, so kids playing rugby need good quality Kids rugby boots specially designed for training and running on grass.

    View the latest kids, youth rugby boots - new arrivals.

    Rugby Shorts

    Rugby shorts that keep you cool and comfortable allowing for your ultimate performance on the field. Made with a perforated polyester performance material that is moisture wicking and shorter length, Canterbury Rugby Shorts are an essential item this rugby season.

    Rugby Jerseys

    Rugby jerseys from Canterbury are made with a large hole mesh material to provide added ventilation. Rugby singlets are perfect for rugby training.

    Compression Shorts & Pants

    Compression shorts and pants are pretty much designed to absorb sweat, keeping the body warm and assist in the prevention of muscle strain by allowing maximum blood flow during and after a rugby game or rugby training session.  The idea of wearing the compression tights or shorts are the benefits will ultimately help improve players performance during a rugby game.

    There are a number of benefits for wearing compression shorts and pants during training and rugby games.

    1. Help keep the body warm particularly around the large leg muscles which is used a lot in rugby for running and jumping
    2. Compression tights can help reduce muscle strain by assisting with circulation 
    3. By wearing compression tights and shorts it can enhance the players performance by improving blood flow around the body and improve oxygenation of the muscle tissue.
    4. A lot of players purely wear compression tights or shorts for comfort while playing rugby.
    5. Quicker recovering after a strenuous session, they can assist with muscle recovery.

    Rugby Union Socks

    Rugby socks are a high cut.

    Rugby Balls

    There are different sized rugby to suit different age groups.

    Do you manage a junior rugby club or rugby league club in Brisbane?  A great addition to your uniform shop is customised rugby balls, complete with your rugby clubs logo and colours.

    Rugby Protective Gear

    Practice, Practice, Practice…  Bring the court to your backyard with the portable rugby System. We Featuring a 42" polycarbonate backboard with improved rebound performance and easy height adjustability using the integrated telescoping height mechanism.

    • Right size and correct fit
    • Good protection
    • Good quality / Leading brand
    • Value for money

    Little Rookie Sport Kids rugby Shop

    Little Rookie Sport rugby store located in Woolloongabba, which is located near Coorparoo, Camp Hill, Buranda, and South Brisbane.  We stock Kids rugbys boots for beginners right up to pro rugbyers.  

    Unlike Rebel Sports, Little Rookie Sport is Brisbane’s largest rugby shop 100% dedicated to kids and youth. Buy Kids rugby boots, balls, rugby shirts, crew socks at our sports shop.  Looking to practice shooting hoops, visit Little Rookie Sports in Woolloongabba Brisbane, we have our very own outdoor rugby hoop and rugbys for Kids to play for free in a safe and friendly environment. 

    Our rugby shop stocks a range of kids and youth rugby boots Brisbane, Gilbert Rugby, Steedan,shoulder pads, rugby league and rugby union helmets.  Plus a selection of rugby boots from Adidas Predators, Xblades and Concave, rugby boots will come in kids sizing right up to men's rugby boot sizing.

    Australia wide delivery service to Sydney, Melbourne, Western Australia, remote Queensland with free delivery of all rugby orders over $100. Or visit our Kids Rugby store in Woolloongabba, Brisbane and select free Click and Collect for your order or Buy Now, Pay Later with AfterPay or ZipPay for your rugby gear.

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    Legend NBA LA Lakers Kobe Bryant

    Little Rookie Sport Australian Basketball Shop would like to pay respect to Kobe Bryant wife, children and family. This is devastating News for the Sporting World. Legend NBA LA Lakers Kobe Bryant Kobe Bean Bryant was an American professional basketball player, on Sunday 26 January 2020 Basketball icon Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash on Sunday in Calabasas, California. He was 41.  He played his entire 20-year career in the National Basketball Association (NBA) with the Los Angeles Lakers and had a very impressive Basketball Career. 

    RIP Kobe Bryant

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    15 Sports Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids who are Obsessed with Sports

    Shopping for Christmas presents for a sports crazy kid?  Little Rookie Sport is a dedicated sports retailer for kids and youth aged 5 to 16, offering kids sports equipment, apparel, footwear, basketball systems, netball hoops.

    Buying sports gifts as presents for kids are great alternatives to plastic toys and helps kids stay active during Christmas school holidays.

    Little Rookie Sport, Kids Sports Shop, Christmas gifts for kids, afterpay, sports gifts, christmas time, gifts under, christmas gifts for kids, kids sports equipment, kids cricket, beach cricket sets, basketball systems, scooters, roller skates, tennis

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    Little Rookie Sport, abdominal guards for females, abdominal guards, cricket for girls, cricket, cricket shop in Brisbane, cricket shop southside Brisbane, youth cricket gear, kids cricket gear, cricket gabba, abdominal guards for males, abdominal guards

    Everything you need to know about Female abdominal guards

    Why do you wear Female Abdominal Guards

    Girls and female cricketers normally wear abdomen guard usually while batting, wicket-keeping or while close in fielding.  Abdominal guards are actually for male and females, and by wearing them the guards can assist with preventing any abdomen injury, red marks and / or bruising.

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    Little Rookie Sport, kids sports shop, brisbane sports shop, basketball shop for kids, basketball shop, basketball for kids, kids basketballs rookie gear, spalding basketball for kids, afterpay, basketball training for kids, basketball sizes, basketball

    Top basketball items your child needs for this basketball season

    Everything you need to know this basketball season for your child, what they wear and basketball systems for your home.  Plus introducing our new and exciting kids basketball sports shop, in Brisbane, where you can buy basketball equipment, apparel and basketball shoes all year round.  Want to be the next Ben Simmons, get the look below.

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    Little Rookie Sport, kids sports shop, brisbane sports shop, school shoes for kids, black school shoes, kids school shoes, school shoes brisbane, back to school, back to school for kids school shoes, leather school shoes, sports shoes for kids, kids shoes

    How to buy School Shoes and School Sports Shoes for your Child

    Little Rookie Sport in Woolloongabba, this shoe shop is close to many public and private Queensland schools. Going Back to School soon, time to purchase school shoes.  While quality is important, it is great to find affordable school shoes and black school sports shoes for under $100.  Here is our top tips when purchasing school shoes for kids.

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